5 Affiliate Hacks

5 Affiliate Hacks

Suppose you are starting as an affiliate, an old-time pro, or even a super affiliate. There is always something to learn when it comes to getting the most out of affiliate programs and maximizing your revenue.

The reward for effort can vary depending on what keywords (in the case of SEO affiliates) you decide to target and the types of targeting you are doing.

The more practical experience you get, the more you will learn, and then by applying these learnings, that’s when you can gain real traction and revenue growth.

Here are five hacks for affiliates looking to increase their site traffic from Google.

1. Target Review Traffic

When a user is searching the web for a term related to a review, such as The Lottery Office Review, you need to think about the user’s intent.

Have they seen an ad for the brand, has someone recommended it or have they even read a story about one of the lottery winners?

Whatever the reason, a “Review” related search can mean that there is further intent to play a lottery at The Lottery Office if they like the review they read.

By doing a quick Google search and looking at the Google suggestions, you can work out what people are searching for around brand reviews.

the lottery office seach term

NOTE: If you have access to a tool like SEMrush, Ahrefs, or even the Google Keyword Tool, it will help you work out how much traffic the search term is generating and how hard it will be for you to rank for that brand.

Pro Tip: When a new brand comes out, get a review up as quickly as possible. By doing this, you have a great chance to rank well! Google seems to like the first content that’s ranked the best, and you can reap the rewards as the brand grows in popularity, and the search traffic for the brand review increases! 

2. Target Buying Words

Rather than aiming to rank for high volume search terms such as “Lottery” or “Lotto,” which will prove very hard to rank for, try ranking for lower volume search terms, by using keywords that are going to give you the best chance of making revenue.

In the online lottery space look for words like:

Buy lotto tickets

Buy lotto tickets online


Play lottery with credit card

Play lotto with paypal


lotto syndicates

australian lotto syndicates

While some of these terms will have a low volume of people searching for them, most will also have lower competition, meaning it’s easier for you to rank for these terms.

NOTE: By ranking well for many small converting keywords, over time you can accumulate many niche traffic sources for your site and increase your revenue.

Pro Tip: Always keep up to date with what is happening with a brand. If they add a new payment method such as Paypal or a new feature such as “lotto syndicates,” target “buying” search terms quickly and see what happens!

3. Target Other Niche Keywords

When people play games online of any type, many develop a desire to use the same software types or play the same kinds of games they have in the past.

In the case of Lottery, you will want to look at words around the lotteries’ names to match them with Buying Terms as mentioned above.

buy powerball ticket online

buy powerball online

buy powerball

buy powerball ticket

best powerball ticket to buy

buy powerball syndicate

can i still buy a powerball ticket for tonight’s drawing

In the case of other online gambling, you may want to look at the software that people like to play or the games they play like:


RTG (Real Time Gaming)


Starburst Slot

Desert Treasure

Pro Tip: The closer you can match what a person is searching for with an offer that matches that, the higher your conversion rate will be.

4. Observe Your Competition

There are many good reasons to look at what your competitors are promoting, how they have their site structured, and how they can rank for keyword terms you may want to target.

After you have selected a niche term you want to go for, do a search on google and look at the top three affiliate sites that are ranking.

Look at the number of words in their content used to rank for the term and the content quality, which plays such an essential part in ranking a page today.

You can also look at their Meta tags, page URL structure, keyword count, the number of internal site links to that page, what external sites link to that page and what link anchor text they use.

You will be able to replicate what they have done, and in many cases, improve the content length, make your site load faster and get your internal linking structures right, so you are doing it better than the competitor.

Getting quality backlinks to a page is a full article in itself, but looking at your competitor’s site link profile is a good starting point. You can then reach out to these sites and ask for a link of your own.

Pro Tip: If you see an affiliate redirecting traffic from one brand’s review page to a different brand, this can indicate there is more money to be made with the other brand, or that the brand with the review has some inherent problem.

5. Brand Selection 

There are many different reasons why you might choose to promote one brand over another, but since you are in the business of making money, you will want to pick wisely.

An excellent place to start is looking at the forums and seeing if the affiliate program has a good reputation. Do they pay their affiliates on time, what are their terms and how accessible are their affiliate managers? Also, look at who is promoting the brand you are thinking of pushing. If it’s an established affiliate site and they are doing well, this could indicate that the brands they promote both convert and look after their affiliates.

Over time you will know what works best for your traffic. Some brands may convert well but offer low Life Time Players values, while others may not convert well, but each player you send is of higher value. 

Pro Tip: If a brand you want to promote has all the players in the market already signed up, then the chances of making revenue diminishes greatly. Try sending traffic to newer, reputable brands that may not have done as much marketing as the more prominent, more well-established brands.

Keep at it

Yes, there is a lot of work involved, but the rewards can far exceed your expectations if you keep at it. 

Think about every little thing you do as like making a small deposit in the bank! Over time, your effort will grow and accumulate, and your pursuit of affiliate program-driven revenue will come to fruition!