High Commission Affiliate Programs Australia

High Commission Affiliate Programs Australia

In today’s very competitive affiliate marketing space, there is no shortage of options regarding what type of products you can promote as an affiliate. 

While it helps to be interested in the products you are going to promote as an affiliate, other considerations will affect how successful or rather how much money you will make as an affiliate.  

What to Promote?

When looking for High Commission Affiliate Programs Australia, it is essential to make what you want to promote work for you. By work for you, I mean that it costs you less to market than what you will make back in return, i.e., commission you will receive back for making the sale.

If you already have some properties such as a website or blog, email lists, or a great YouTube or social media presence, then you have a good head start. With that said, though, there will only be a limited number of products that will be of interest to the audience any of your properties attract. For instance, you wouldn’t promote Electric Vehicles to properties that focus on Australian muscle cars. You could, but I doubt you will get much traction.

Suppose you have properties related to Australian muscle cars. In that case, you will want to find products that are of interest to your audience and also have a high commission affiliate program. A high commission affiliate program doesn’t mean that the product’s value has to be high; it could be a lower priced item that offers a recurring commission that will add up to a substantial total commission over the lifetime of the paying customer.

An excellent example of this type of audience could be specialty car insurance or classic car insurance. While you might only get a small return each month, over time this will mean significant recurring revenue and a steady stream of new customers coming on board.

If, on the other hand, you are starting your affiliate marketing business from scratch and you want to target High Commission Affiliate Programs in Australia, then Google is your friend.

You don’t always have to understand the product you will sell, although it’s an advantage, as it will help to understand your target audience.  

Reusing the above example of specialty car insurance or classic car insurance, you would look for opportunities to use these products to educate your target audience.

This could be as simple as starting up a website dedicated to specialty car insurance or classic car insurance. Then, you would target known keywords on Google that people are searching for, such as;

classic car insurance

enthusiast car insurance

shannons car insurance quote

By matching up the exact search query with content and a related offer, you won’t need many visitors to see great conversion rates. 

Affiliate Commission Structures

The types of commission structures on offer generally depend on the type of product, and the industry standard.  

When it comes to online gambling or more specifically the online lottery genre for affiliate programs, they generally work on one of the following;

1. Revenue Share – This is a % commission payable on the Net Gaming figure, which is worked out from deposits, less costs to the lottery operator.

2. CPA – Cost Per Action or Acquisition – This is a set amount paid as a one-off amount when a trigger such as the first time a new player makes their first transaction.

3. Hybrid – A combination of the two above methods of payment calculation.

On some rare occasions, operators may pay a tenancy and a tenancy plus one of the commission structures mentioned above, but this is not common. 

The whole idea of the lottery affiliate program is that the operator only pays on results, and the affiliate earns when they generate that result.

This is all relatively straight forward. It’s generally accepted that affiliates like to work on a CPA because they get their earnings as soon as the first deposit or trigger is activated. At the same time, operators prefer to pay affiliates as the money is spent by the player over the course of that player’s lifetime.  That is one reason why a Hybrid can be a good option for both the lotto affiliate program and the affiliate because it’s a halfway between solutions.

The Power of Accumulation 

As an affiliate, you have to consider that if a lottery affiliate program is going to pay a specific CPA that ultimately, the operator is going to expect to make a profit from that referred player over the time that the player is actively playing the lotteries.  This stands to reason that if you were to work on a Revenue Share basis, you would actually make more money over time.  

There are, of course, many variables to this, such as your source of traffic and the brand’s ability to retain the players, but you can take this as a general guide.

Operator Credibility

When selecting which operators to work with, you will want to know you are dealing with a reputable company.  This factor alone can make up a huge part in finding a high commission affiliate program!

There is a graveyard of gambling operators’ affiliate programs that have left many affiliates high and dry after closing their affiliate program and ceasing to pay the ongoing commissions from the players that the affiliate had referred.

In most cases, if you check the affiliate program terms and conditions, you can see if any predatory terms may affect your ongoing trail commissions. 

If you do find predatory terms and want to promote the operator’s brand, you may want to consider sending them your own agreement to sign.  In many cases, you will find the operator is ok with working outside of their standard agreement if it means they will get new players.

Why do Lotteries have High Commission Affiliate Programs?

Gambling is a favorite pastime of many people, and in Australia alone, it is estimated that one in three people will play the lottery at least once per year. 

Given that all types of lotto draws happen many times a week, and that there is an appetite for players to want to play the lotteries, it’s not hard to work out that by getting an ongoing trail commission for these lottery players can build a great revenue stream for you as a lotto affiliate.

The other thing that can make lotto affiliate programs high paying is if there is competition.  Competition means that as an affiliate, you can choose more than one online lottery affiliate program to promote and get the best commission deal for you!

Every online gambling operator is keen to generate as many new players as possible each month. The affiliate program is an essential channel for the lotto operator to generate these players.

If you work in markets with many brands, this can help you negotiate the highest commissions.  Tie this in with excellent retention of the players at the brand and good lifetime player values, and you have the perfect storm to have a high paying affiliate program with online lotteries.

A Word of Caution

There are some types of lotteries in Australia that have affiliate programs that pay a revenue share, BUT only on the first transaction a player makes.  

This means unless you keep sending new players each and every month, you will earn nothing as you are not going to receive any revenue share from players’ future deposits. 

The Final Word

Becoming a high earning or super affiliate as they are called does not happen overnight. 

Once you have identified the products you want to promote and have tried and tested a working formula to generate consistent results, you can then start accumulating revenue.  

By promoting a reputable lotto affiliate program, you can start to build ongoing trail commissions that, over time, could see you get the status of super affiliate too!