earn money with affiliate marketing

How to earn money with affiliate marketing

Being the middleman is one of the most powerful ways to make money online today.

The middleman model! 

We all know sites like Expedia.com, Finder.com, Comparethemarket.com, and loads more like them.

What all these sites do is get people onto their website, show them offers that the person can then purchase from another website, and when they do so, the referring site earns a commission!

They are the middleman who earns money from commissions. It’s just a different business model than a site charging a flat advertising fee.

These middleman sites are affiliates, and it’s how they earn money with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Diagram

How do these middleman sites get people to their sites?

Many of these affiliate sites rely on SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO sites or sites that rank for specific keywords are seen when you go to Google, search, and see results underneath the paid results.

Google Search

The paid results are the ones that have the word “Ad” next to them. In this case, a website has paid to be in this placement by bidding on the keyword “binge watch TV,”. This enables them to show in those top positions.
There are pros and cons to both kinds of rankings.
The great thing about PPC or Pay Per Click is you can have your ads up and running in no time and sending potential customers to your site. The con is often the cost is high, as you have other competitors bidding for the same terms.
The great thing about SEO is that once you rank for these terms, you are effectively getting the traffic or visitors to your site for free.
The con is that there is a lot of work involved in getting your site to rank, and it can take a long time to get these rankings!
Either way you decide to go, you will need to do comprehensive research on how to do this best. Whether it be SEO or PPC, there are three critical metrics to consider:
• Volume – The number of people searching for that given term each month.
• CPC (Cost Per Click) – The cost of bidding on that term in Google. This is not just important for PPC ads, but also it gives you a great idea of what the value of ranking well for a keyword is.
• Difficulty Score – How hard it would be to rank for that term.

Identify a Niche

Now that we have covered some basics, you are going to want to find a Niche! 
You will hear it in every single business, “What’s your niche?” It is one of the main factors that will determine how much success you will have when it comes to how to earn money from affiliate marketing!
So, a few things here to consider;
It helps if you have an interest in your niche, but it’s not everything!
It does help if your niche is something you are interested in because it makes it a lot easier to get content together for your website.
You can decide to write the content yourself or hire a freelance writer.
What’s important is you know what is going to resonate with the person reading the content. The better you do this, the more chance you will have of convincing someone to buy a product from your advice.
Remember, you are displaying content and sending them on to somewhere else to make a purchase, and in doing so, you will earn a commission.
Content is still king!

Finding Affiliate Programs

Sometimes affiliate programs are referred to as partner programs, but they both mean the same things.
A partner program will typically ask you to submit your site details before approving your account.
Once your account is approved, you will then be able to access creatives such as banners that you can display on your site and provide you with tracking links.
These tracking links are what make affiliate marketing work. The tracking link tracks the visitors of your website to the site where they are going to purchase from. Without this, there is no way to know if the people you are referring are spending money on the other end. This knowledge allows your commissions to be calculated.
Finding an affiliate program is as easy as searching for your related topic followed by “Affiliate Program”.
For instance, Google search for the term “Lotto Affiliate Program” or “High Commission Affiliate Programs”. Once you identify a program you think will be a good fit, simply sign up and follow the approval process.

Terms that Convert

Now that you have an idea of what you want to promote on your website you will want to do further research on your topic. I suggest using a tool like SEMrush or Ahrefs.
You will notice that the more broad terms get higher volumes, and you might think these are excellent terms to target. But the truth is ranking or bidding on these terms might give you lots and lots of visitors to your site, but ultimately this won’t make you money.
What you will want to do is focus your efforts on words that are going to convert!
Below is a list of keywords that mean the person searching on them is close to or wants to buy!
Achieve For girls Protect
Alleviate For guys Purchase
Auction For kids Quick
Avoid For men Quicker
Bargain For newbies Quickly
Bargain [product name] For sale Rebuild
Benefit For seniors Recover
Best For students Reduce
Best [product name] (online) For women Reduced
Best [product name] site Free Reduced [product
Best [product name] website Free shipping Refurbished
[product name]
Best + product type + in year. Free tutorial Relieve
Best of [product name] Free tutorials Remedy
Best price for [product name] Frugal Rent
Best savings for [product name] Gain Repair
Big [product name] Get [product name]
Reasonable priced
Biggest [product name] Get a [product
Bonus Get rid of Review
Brand name [product name] Good price for
[product name]
Reviews (s)
Brand names Great buy Sales-priced
Brand new [product name] Guide Sales-priced
[product name]
Budget Guide (s) Save
Budget [product name] Guide to Savings
Build Heal Scam
Buy Healthy Second hand
[product name]
Buy [product name] (online) High price [product
Buy [product name] with credit card High priced
[product name]
Secret code
Buy [product name] with paypal How Secret codes
Buy one get one for 1 cent How can Secrets
Buy one get one free How do Simple
Buy one get one half-off How do i Software
Buying How do you Solution
Cash back for [product name] How to Solution
Cheap How to Â… wi
[product name]
Cheap [product name] (online) How to build Step by step
Cheapest How to get rid of Study
Cheapest [product name] (online) How to make Technique
Cheapest price for [product name] Immediately That works
Clearance Improve Tips
Clearance [product name] Improving Top
Closeout Increase Top 10 + product
type + in year
Closeout [product name] Inexpensive Top of the line
[product name]
Code with Inexpensive
[product name]
Compare Install Treat
Compare [product name] Instruction Tutorial
Comparison Instructions Tutorials
Computer tutorial Internet tutorial Unique
Coupon Learn Unlock
Coupon code for [product name] Learning Used
Coupon for [product name] Lease Used [product name]
Cure Low cost Value
Deal with Low cost [product
Deals Low priced Videos
Dependable Low priced [product
Where can
Direct Lowest price for
[product name]
Where can i
Directions Luxury Where can i buy
[product name]
Discontinued [product name] Luxury [product
Where to buy
[product name] (online)
Discount Method (s) Where to find
[product name] (online)
Discount [product name] Model numbers Where to shop for
[product name] (online)
Discount code Need Wholesale
Easily New [product name]
Easy New [product name] [product name]
coupon code
Economical Now [product name]
Eliminate Offer [product name] for
End On sale [product name] in
Expensive [product name] Online [product name] on
Explain Online tutorial [product name]
Explaining Order [product name]
Fast Overcome [product name]
Faster Password [product name]
promo code
Find a [product name] Personalized [product name]
Fix Plan (s) [product name] special
For children Prevent  
For couples Program(s)  

And of course my favorite example: The Lottery Office Review


You now have a very high overview of one way to earn money with affiliate marketing.

Follow these steps:

1. Identify a niche… Use tools like Semrush.comAhrefs, and even the Google Keyword Planner Tool for PPC advertising, which is free to help narrow this down for you.

2. Build a site… this is not as hard as it seems. There are plenty of tools out there to do this quickly and easily like kartra.com or my favorite is WordPress because it’s so powerful and easy to use.

3. Find partner programs… these are the affiliate programs that you will sign up to and get your tracking links from. Then you can send your site visitors onto your partners and track your sales. Lotteryofficeaffiliates.com is one example!

4. Send traffic to the site – there are plenty of different options here but let’s start with a simple one and use Google PPC.

5. Optimize the site and the traffic… once you are up and running, you can set and forget, but to start with, you are going to want to keep an eye on everything!

6. Rinse and repeat with a new niche!

Happy affiliate marketing!