wouldn't it be nice

Wouldn’t it be nice! 

Who hasn’t dreamt of winning the lottery?

Everyone’s taken at least a little time out to wonder what it’d be like to have instant financial freedom. Try and imagine what it’d be like to be told that you’re an instant multi-millionaire. Would you freeze, unable to speak? Would you scream? Would you cry? Would you review your whole life? Wouldn’t it be nice!

And then once the news had finally sunk in, what would you do next?

Would you keep it quiet, until you carefully laid out all your plans?

Would you tell your significant other, and feed off each other’s excitement while you decided what to do?

Would you call your friends and family, spreading the news far and wide?

Or would you take the money and disappear, never to be found again?

Whatever you’d decide to do, one thing is certain; your life would never be the same ever again. There would be nothing to stop you from taking that trip of a lifetime you didn’t thing you’d ever get around to. Your dream home would be in reach and helping out your loved ones and changing their lives as well would be entirely possible. You could start that charity you’re passionate about, or just sit on a beach somewhere, living your days in peace and quiet. Maybe you could even afford to do all of these things. A whole new world of possibilities would be opened up to you, and while money doesn’t necessarily make you happy, it does bring choice and freedom, both of which can help you live a life more satisfied.

The good news is that you have exactly the same chances as anyone else of making it happen!

Why not see if you can make your dreams a reality by playing with The Lottery Office. You might be the next to find your dreams suddenly in reach.

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