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17+ Years of Experience
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Australian licensed Lottery Since 2003

Earn commissions from the world’s biggest and best lottery jackpots with bespoke offers tailored to your audience.



Why Promote The Lottery Office?

Proudly Australian

Australian owned, Australian Northern Territory licensed and operated since 2003.

Happy Players

Loyal players with exceptional lifetime values mean you maximise your earnings.

Affiliate Support

Dedicated one on one affiliate manager and support available when you need it.

Trusted By Players

Trusted & established brand, offering Australians access to large overseas lotteries.

Earning Potential

Competitive affiliate commissions rates with reoccurring revenue that grows over time.

Quick Payments

Easy, prompt monthly commission payments delivered monthly.

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title beforeHuge lotteries, great marketing creatives and landing pages that maximise conversions.

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Italian Super Jackpot®


Irish Lotto


UK Lotto


USA Power Lotto®


European Millions®


European JackpotTM


USA Mega LottoTM


Euro Millions Superdraw


Spanish La Primitiva


The lottery office

A Brief History of Lottery

Lotteries have been around for a good chunk of recorded human history, with the proceeds of early lotteries believed to have helped fund the building of the Great Wall of China in approximately 200 BC.

During the reign of the Roman Empire, the first known European lotteries were held, although they were mainly used for amusement rather than to raise funds, and the prizes were usually gifts rather than cash. These early lotteries were different to many others, as most old lotteries were created to fund specific projects.

In the 1400s lotteries were used to help fund fortifications and to help the poor in what is now The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. At around the same time, they were used in Italy to fund war!

In American history, lotteries have been used to help establish settlements, build roads, churches, infrastructure and even Princeton and Columbia Universities! However, they were also used to finance war. It would be very interesting to see how American history may have been very different had lotteries not existed!

The model of using lotteries to fund projects has been used commonly ever since, with many modern lotteries used to fund various community projects today. At The Lottery Office, a percentage of all ticket sales go to our Charitable and Community Benefits Fund, supporting charities and community groups across Australia.

Lotto Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program Know-How

Not all lotto affiliate programs are created equal! So what makes us stand out as a premium lottery affiliate program?

Trust - knowing that the Lottery Office’s parent company has been around since 2003 means we are a dependable brand that can be trusted by you as well as our avid lotto players.

Having been largely mail order, the business has successfully transitioned into an online lottery offering, which has won the praise of the industry and is one of the only licensed lottery operators in Australia.

Focusing on Australia is a key factor in the brand's success. The Lottery Office proudly accepts players from Australia and New Zealand, and due to being located and licensed in Australia, we undoubtedly have a competitive advantage over our rivals.

Added to this, the Lottery Office has a unique model of running our own lotteries. Players are buying a ticket in our lotteries, and we then purchase a ticket in a matching overseas lottery. This model differs from our competitors and gives our players confidence that we can deliver their winnings when they happen.

The affiliate management team is no stranger to affiliate marketing. It has been working in the iGaming space for nearly two decades, giving them a unique perspective and what works for affiliates.

Our philosophy is a simple one.

We look after our affiliates, so they make our program money while we make them money!

A win-win approach built on trust, communication, conversion of valuable traffic, and maximum lifetime values of our players is our winning approach.

Commission Structure

Earning what you want

Charitable and Community Benefits Fund

Our Charity Work

Did you know that when customers purchase from the Lottery Office website, a percentage of the ticket cost is allocated to their charity fund. Those funds are distributed back to the state of the customer. So this $5000 donation will directly benefit the children and young people in NSW, housed in emergency crisis accommodation over Christmas (such as hotels, motels and caravans). See Review

The community support we’re experiencing during this time has been absolutely wonderful. On behalf of all our Meals on Wheels services across QLD thank you!
THANK YOU!!! @lotteryofficeau have generously donated $5000 to support our Christmas Drive! We are so grateful... Thank you!
The Lottery Office kindly donated $5000 to our project which will greatly assist us in giving people who are homeless the opportunity to gain employment, accommodation, support and education. We could not be more appreciative of this generous donation.

Watch - Lotto Winning Feeling

The Lottery Office as Featured on Channel 9 News

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    Happy Lotto Affiliate

    I can confirm we have received your payment, and thank you for getting it sent so promptly! I think you guys win as our earliest affiliate payment for the month and arguably the quickest we have had all year.


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